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Adult Hanami Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper

Adult Hanami Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper

The Hanami split sole canvas slipper features a 4-way stretch canvas upper, absorbent lining, suede sole, and streamlined fitting designed to reflect the contours of the foot. More Info »

Pro Elastic Adult Split-Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper

The light and flexible Pro Elastic from Bloch features a canvas upper with an elastic border piece which contours the foot and evenly distributes tension, relieving pressure on the Achilles tendon. Pre-sewn crossed ... More Info »

Adult Canvas 'Performance Series' Split-Sole Ballet Slipper

Comfortable and perfectly fitted to every foot for long hours in class or performances, Grishko's Performance Series canvas split-sole ballet slipper features vertically placed elastic between the split of the sole to ... More Info »

Juliet Adult Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper

Enjoy this leather ballet slipper by Capezio made of soft, durable sheep skin leather with contoured suede sole patches. Moisture absorbent polyester/cotton lining for a longer last. Enhances the look of your foot with ... More Info »

Cobra Adult Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper

Engineered to enhance performance, Capezio's Cobra leather split-sole ballet slipper features hidden forepart stitching, flat pleats, a padded suede heel patch, pre-attached elastic at the heel and a soft poly/cotton ... More Info »

Elastosplit X Adult Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper

Bloch's Elastosplit X is a leather ballet slipper with a truly split sole. The arch features an open area with elastic attachments that hug the line of the foot for flexible movement. Front elastics attached at heel. ... More Info »

Proflex Adult Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper

The proflex offers dancers the ultimate in arch hugging technology. It's unique design gives optimum arch lift whilst staying in contact with the foot at every movement. Superior arch enhancement and support; moving ... More Info »

Adult Prolite II Hybrid Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper

The original Bloch split-sole ballet slipper combines a leather upper with a soft and flexible canvas arch insert, which will not stretch out of shape. It features an elastic drawstring, cotton lining and suede leather ... More Info »

Dansoft Adult Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper

Bloch's Dansoft leather split-sole ballet slipper is an ideal student ballet shoe. The leather upper is both strong and flexible for a snug fit. Cotton lining. Comes with pre-sewn elastics. More Info »

Adult Synchrony Split Sole Ballet Slipper

Bloch's Synchrony split sole ballet slipper features an ultimate stretch canvas, a wider toe, wider outsole shape, wide elastic around the top line and crossed elastic at the instep. More Info »

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